Noise will always be top of list of hotel complaints

March 11, 2015 16:14 by Neil S

It is as important as ever for the hospitality industry to ensure hotel guests can enjoy a quiet, restful night's sleep.

Of course, trends change – recent surveys have reported that changing habits amongst hotel guests have seen the 'lack of wifi' emerging as a top complaint.

But three core complaints will always be somewhere near the top the list: lack of cleanliness, impolite/rude staff, and noise-based disturbances.

Pre-empting and preventing complaints has to be treated as an urgent priority – consumers are more savvy than ever, and nowadays are far less reticent to make a complaint or challenge for reductions on room rates if they haven’t had a good night's sleep.

It can get expensive for hotels, who shouldn’t need to be worrying about handing out refunds. Far better to tackle the problem at source.

Norsound can’t put a smile on the bellboy’s face, nor can we help clean the rooms. But we can help with the reduction of noise, especially on guest bedroom doors.

In most hotels, just a single door usually separates guests from every single person that walks down their corridor and, sadly, not everyone will respect their fellow guests by staying quiet.

The Norsound 800 series incorporates a comprehensive range of robust acoustic door bottom seals to suit all threshold applications, and are particularly suitable for hotels.

This range can be combined with a perimeter seal and a threshold plate where practical to provide a complete door seal solution.

Our range of door bottom seals includes both mechanical automatic drops seals and non-mechanical sweep seals – each one has been tried and tested to give you the best possible results at the most competitive prices.

Improved door seals could be the difference between 'noise refunds' and happy, well-rested guests, so contact us today to find out how to improve your sound insulation across your hotel or guesthouse.

Norsound seals in hospital project

December 05, 2014 15:50 by Neil S

The new 14 floor South Glasgow adult hospital building is due to be completed by early 2015 and Norsound are pleased to be involved with providing acoustic door seal solutions for the new floor, which will be one of the largest acute hospitals in the UK.

It will be home to major specialist services such as renal medicine, transplantation and vascular surgery, with state-of-the-art critical care, theatre and diagnostic services. The hospital will include over 1,000 beds with each ward holding 28 single rooms with en-suite facilities.

A large quantity of doors required a number of Norsound acoustic door bottom seals and acoustic perimeter seals to be fitted for the project. Along with being quick and easy to fit, the seals provide a range of benefits including sound reduction, protection against smoke and increased efficiency.  

Fix your face on Norsound's new NOR820 door bottom seal

November 28, 2014 15:52 by Neil S

The latest addition to the NOR800 range of acoustic door bottom seals - the NOR820 has already been a big hit with customers. 

Designed as a retro-fit acoustic seal solution for the bottom of a door, this seal is extremely easy to fit and does not compromise on quality.

Made from T6063 grade aluminium with a silicon insert, the NOR820 provides protection against sound and smoke, whilst also being self-levelling and lightweight in operation. 

As this door bottom seal is a face fix solution asthetics are key. With this in mind the NOR820 comes complete with a slick aluminium clip-in cover plate, which once the seal is fixed in place, completely covers the seal to give a pleasing sight line.

Adjustment is easy to suit gaps up to a maximum drop of 12mm and it comes in a range of sizes (430mm - 1230mm), which cut back up to 100mm to suit the widest range of door applications.

Norsound have already had keen interest in this product with a range of hotels already taking advantage of this quick to fit but very robust acoustic drop seal.

View NOR820

Norsound launches enhanced smoke and acoustic door seal

October 24, 2014 13:03 by Jamie B

Sound proofing specialist Norsound has launched a new, improved perimeter door seal that brings enhanced sound and smoke-proofing to the market.

The NOR710STOP has been designed to provide outstanding acoustic and smoke sealing abilities. The seal will take place among the NOR710 range of acoustic perimeter seals.

Designed to fit into a kerf (saw cut) in the door stop, this perimeter seal can increase the acoustic performance of a standard fire door whilst also providing additional protection against cold smoke.

It consists of a semi-rigid base with two flexible blades of optimum angles, these flexible blades act like triple glazing giving maximum acoustic performance along with smoke seal capabilities and energy saving properties.

The NOR710STOP is unaffected by door furniture including hinges and latches and is also highly durable being tested to 1,000,000 cycle tests.

Benefits of the product include:

  • Sound reduction

  • Protects against smoke

  • BS 476 Pt 31:1 cold smoke

  • 1,000,000 cycle tested

  • Stylish ultra smooth blades

  • Dual Air Pocket Technology