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This product has been discontinued - for alternatives please view the NOR810

The NOR810dB+ is our premium acoustic drop seal, achieving incredible sound reduction of up to 48dB. It has a light weight mechanism which is self levelling to combat sloped floors easily.

Routed into the bottom of a door, the seal is unobtrusive and functions automatically when the door is closed via a side 'activator' that contacts against the door frame. This helps the seal to cause less friction with the floor. It has passed a 500,000 cycle test with ease.

The NOR810dB+ acoustic door seal is adjustable to suit the gap size needed from 1mm up to 13mm and will not only act as an acoustic barrier but also help keep out drafts and keep in energy.

Screen colour may differ from actual product colour. All technical information is given as guidance only. Due to the technical nature of our products they are designed to be installed by a professional.

What is the maximum door bottom gap suitable for the NOR810?

The NOR810 automatic drop seal will extend to a maximum of 15mm.

What size rout do I need for the NOR810?

14mm wide by 35mm deep.

How do I adjust the drop length?

The black actuator button also acts as an adjusting rod, simply pull the button away from the unit and twist it a full 180degree;. Anti-clockwise to lengthen and clockwise to shorten, repeat until desired drop level is reached.

Length Code
335mm NOR810DB+335
435mm NOR810DB+435
535mm NOR810DB+535
635mm NOR810DB+635
735mm NOR810DB+735
835mm NOR810DB+835
935mm NOR810DB+935
1035mm NOR810DB+1035
1135mm NOR810DB+1135
1235mm NOR810DB+1235
1335mm NOR810DB+1335
1435mm NOR810DB+1435
1535mm NOR810DB+1535