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Designed to fit into a kerf (saw cut) in the door stop, this perimeter seal can increase the acoustic performance of a standard fire door whilst also providing additional protection against cold smoke.

It consists of a semi-rigid base with 2 flexible blades of optimum angles, these flexible blades act like triple glazing giving maximum acoustic performance along with smoke seal capabilities compliant with BS 476: Part 31: 1987 and energy saving properties.

The NOR710STOP is unaffected by door furniture including hinges and latches and is also highly durable being tested to 1,000,000 cycle tests.

Screen colour may differ from actual product colour. All technical information is given as guidance only. Due to the technical nature of our products they are designed to be installed by a professional.

Colour Code
Brown NOR710ST/2100/BR
Black NOR710ST/2100/BK
Grey NOR710ST/2100/GR
White NOR710ST/2100/WH