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No, absolutely not! Any weakness in the seal such as a break or void for the latch to pass will allow sound to stream through. Tests have shown that doors where acoustic seals have been fitted, but stopped and started, at ironmongery positions simply cannot reach either their desired performance and, in many cases, base Building Regulation required performance.

No, the Norsound range of seals offers the specifier a simple, low cost solution to the problem. Put simply, the normal GDC or solid timber cores are excellent acoustic barriers and when used correctly with the seals offered in this website, you can easily reach 29dB and more.

Obviously, if you are looking for more than the normal decibel reduction for a specific application you may be forced to look at the expensive alternatives but, as a general rule, this can be avoided in most applications at a very significant saving for the client.

Yes, as sound has no up nor down; the top, sides or base carry equal penetration opportunities, we must ensure a proprietary seal has been fitted ALL ROUND THE DOOR LEAF to achieve the performance specified in this, or any other, publication.

Yes, quite possibly. The Norsound 710 is positioned next to the door stop and as such is not affected by door growth to the same degree as a centrally fitted seal. To understand door growth look at the diagram below and you will see the door is at its longest at the point smoke seals are fitted, the perimeter seal sees the door reducing in length as it closes easily over its location.

As you can see the arrow labelled door growth line dictates the two points at which the door leaf is at its longest, as the door closes we call this door growth and it is at it's worst when it passes over the typical intumescent smoke seal position.

Not in the vast majority of cases, all seals that have an acoustic capability resist airborne sound and as such will resist the passage of air. Norsound have carried out a full smoke sealing test regime in accordance to BS 476 Part 31:1.

Primarily the problem of ironmongery stops most of the centrally situated intumescent seals offering a complete perimeter seal. Tests have shown that seals with breaks for ironmongery simply fail to perform (contact Norsound technical department for further test data). The seals themselves will work if uninterrupted but latches typically throw 6mm between the stop and break, simply not enough to continue the seal blade.