Finger Wizard

Finger protection for doors

The national rise in health and safety has made it almost a ‘must have’ product with doors being so dangerous and litigation now being commonplace.

The risk is real, work in America states 3 out of 4 amputations in children ages 4 and younger were as a result of fingers being caught, jammed or crushed in a doorway during the opening or closing of a door.

Why think of Finger Wizard? One reason is simple, to save countless fingers of primarily our toddler age group from being severed from their hands. Sounds dramatic but think for a moment about modern day doors, mostly fitted with self closure devises which will not stop should a child have his or her fingers in the jamb. Another reason is the way we handle anything that goes wrong in the UK nowadays, we are becoming a country where claims for health and safety are common place, so whether it be on moral or financial grounds, FingerWizard® makes sound sense.

This is no shadow of a doubt a clearly identifiable risk exists and as such should be addressed by the owner occupier with the inclusion of the level of risk to be incorporated into all annual risk assessment studies.

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Fits in minutes - protects for years!

  • 100,000 cycle tests successfully completed
  • Maximum opening 110°
  • Suitable for risk assessment
  • Fully cloaks door jamb
  • Rigid PVC restricts fingers from being pressed into gap
  • Fits in seconds with ultra high tack self-adhesive
  • Can be additionally fitted with mechanical fixings supplied as standard
  • No joinery work necessary to door or frame
  • Simple installation – normally carried out without specialist equipment