Norsound is a division of Norseal Ltd and Norsound products are only available through Norseal Ltd.

Norseal truly value our range of products and aim to develop new and innovative designs along side, with all our products both new and old we try to ensure the technical information and any recommendations are true based upon all available information at that given time. However we offer this service as an added bonus to our already outstanding service and as such, unfortunately cannot accept liability.

We would encourage the end user to research the product they require thoroughly to ensure the relevant regulations and indeed function are in accordance with their intended use.

Should you have any questions please contact a member of the Norseal staff who will be delighted to answer your queries where possible. Norseal Ltd reserve the rights to alter, delete or make obsolete any product featured on this site without prior notice, nevertheless we will endeavor to give prior notice if feasible.